Temporal affairs (São Paulo)
Temporal affairs (São Paulo)

VERBO (International performance art festival)

A 'temporal affair' is an event characterized by the circumstances in the here and now, temporary and ephemeral. In Temporal Affairs 3 space is framed by planes and objects, which create a visual intimity. Short scenes follow one another according to an endless storyboard, like a series of photographic images which gaps are filled with imagination and memory. The drawer has the role of chronicler. Chrystalizing every moment or showing a story that only occurs in his mind.

Performance: Dirk Jan Jager, Rose Akras and Rob Visser.
Photo: Rafaël Cañas.

Galeria Vermelho
R. Minas Gerais, 350
São Paulo

Link: http://espacohumus.com/events/verbo-mostra-de-performance/



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