The Complete Sheet (contacts)
The Complete Sheet (contacts)

These photographs seem to reject even a minimal attempt at introduction. They were made by Jager between 1990 and 2007 working alone with an analog camera and presented here in the form of hand made analog prints.

The images present a fragmentary sequence, the stages of an impenetrable anti-narrative, a calvary in closed circuit. The artist is doubled both behind and before the camera, neither male nor female, a complete Narcissus circuit.

Artaud called such a system 'the body without organs' the epitome of a hermetically sealed system. Later Deleuze and Guattari identified such a body as innately and absolutely paranoid, continuously at work on its maintainance and as such continuously compromising itself.

Can we even refer to these as photographs? These are just contact sheets, excrement of an act before its conclusion. Here there is no closure, no satisfaction, no surrender, the visual yields to the sensual grasp.

Like fragments of a saint's body or the lock of a lover's hair, they are fetishes. These anachronistically re-presented images; hand craft and silver halides resurrect a tremulous circuit, just like Artaud's promise of his body exploding before our eyes, this is a process of perpetual restoration that offers a contract with a greater whole.

Arti Gallery, Amsterdam
11.12.2015 - 13.12.2015

up down
lift lift
mirrors mirrors
stairs and lift<br> stairs and lift
bannisters and hall<br> bannisters and hall
chair in hall and lift<br> chair in hall and lift
chair moving<br> chair moving
couch shoes<br> couch shoes
kneeling kneeling
stairs stairs